About Me

Marcus Baldwin is an LA based actor and theatre artist currently earning a BFA in acting from the California Institute of the Arts. Marcus is also a fledgeling playwright, director, producer, and poet . Through his prior work in arts administration for a non profit theatre company and in teaching theatre to incarcerated youth, he has become passionate about restorative justice.

Height: 5"9

Eye Color: Green

Hair Color: Brown

Location: Los Angeles, CA


Lilia Pretto | Bohemian Grove | 2017

Lead Actor​

Liat Benezra | We could have been a lot of things | 2017

Lead Actor

Xiajing Fu | Through Me | 2017

Lead Actor


Production Company | King Lear | 2019


Caitlin Lopez | Pericles, Prince of Tyre | 2019

Antiochus, Cleon, Lysimachus, Ensemble

Damian D. Lewis | Appropriate | 2018


Voice Over

Jay Gabriel | Everything is Fine | 2019

Lead Actor​

Lee Witz | Evil Villain | 2019

Lead Actor

Endlessly | Michelle Lam | 2017

Supporting Actor


Education: California Institute of the Arts - BFA in Acting


Acting: Daniel Passer, Liz Swain, Andrea LeBlanc, Lars Jan, Marissa Chibas, Craig Wallace, Aitor Basauri (Clowning)


Voice/Speech: Adam J. Smith, Rafael Lopes-Barrantes, Damian D. Lewis, Toni Smith

Movement: Estela Garcia, Heather Ehlers, Sherry Tschernisch, Anthony Nikolchev, Steve Rankin

Additional Training: British American Drama Academy - MidSummer in Oxford 2018; Irina Brown, Paul O’Mahoney, Madeleine Potter,

John Tucker, Mick Barnfather

Special Skills

Impressions; Clowning; Stage combat: Hand-to-hand, dagger, quarterstaff; Contemporary Dance; Hip-Hop Dance; Grottowski; Singing (Baritone/Bass); Rapping; Spoken Word/Poetry; Playwriting; Guitar; Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu; Wrestling; Karate/Weapons Training; Making lists of things I’m good at; Humility

Dialects: RP, Rhotic Southern, Irish (Dublin), Russian, Scottish, Brooklyn Italian, Estuary/Londoner;